MG New Zealand and the MG Mystics netball team have partnered together to debut an all-new interpretation of their favourite sport.

Called nEVball, it sees players move from the traditional game to a new fast paced, high-energy tussle with a difference - incorporating the use of electric vehicles.

“Our range of plug-in and Electric Vehicles quite literally puts the EV in nEVball, they are the vehicles which make everything happen,” said MG Mystics lead coordinator, Knotta Gaimme.

“It’s a great way for us to raise awareness of low and zero emission motoring alternatives, at the same time demonstrating that they can be fun on and off the court.”

The MG Mystics have been trialling the new nEVball concept since the sponsorship partnership with MG New Zealand was announced in November last year.

The rules are essentially the same and the action takes place on a regular size netball court, but given the relative size of the vehicles each team is reduced to four players per side.

The remaining team members act as drivers, enabling the ‘live’ player to stand up through the sunroof and act as a regular catch and pass participant.

All vehicles retain operational safety features such as ABS and airbags, but will be fitted with Never Over Turn Travel Restriction Unique Enhancement technology.  

These devices help secure the standing player in position, ensuring they will never be caught off balance, even during the most enthusiastic bursts of acceleration.

MG New Zealand is planning to use the new sport to promote the award-winning HS Plus EV, as well as the new ZS EV, which arrives later this year.

“Much like our plug-in and full electric vehicles, nEVball is the way of the future,” said Ms Gaimme.

“In the face of rising fuel prices and increasing awareness of sustainability initiatives, there’s no better time than now to get nEVball up and charging along.”

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