New MG ZS T provides a great balance for former national and Olympic hockey representative

MG New Zealand has been keeping former New Zealand Hockey player and Olympian Brooke Neal mobile for the past few months, courtesy of a new MG ZS T.

Not only has it provided plenty of ‘surprise and delight’ moments, it has also managed to do what many other cars haven’t been able to do for the Olympic games representative and Commonwealth Games gold medal winner - provide a comfortable driving position.

“It has been the perfect size for me.  I'm almost six-foot tall, and a lot of smaller cars are uncomfortable,” said Ms Neal.

“The extra features like seat warmers, the sun roof, the touch screen and safety-driving features have made my time behind the wheel super comfortable.”

Now a successful entrepreneur, the ZS T has proven to be the ideal vehicle to transport Brooke between appointments and school visits in her role as a Mindset and Well-Being coach.

“I have condensed a decade of my experience in high performance sport into simple, actionable steps.  I want girls to take control of their anxiety, perfectionism, and burnout because I didn’t get taught anything like this at school.

“Thanks to the MG ZS T, I have been able to engage with many more young sportswomen and help them with their journey.”

With regards to her own time journeying in the MG, Brooke had a particular fondness for the extra ‘eyes’ around the vehicle.

“The abundance of cameras and sensors for reversing and parking give me such confidence and means I can fit into smaller spaces more easily.

“Also, the fuel efficiency was great, I definitely noticed the savings compared to other vehicles.”

More information about Brooke can be found at her website: Homepage - Brooke Neal

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