Please see some frequently asked questions for the ZS EV.

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How can I charge my ZS EV?

- Mode 2 Charging

A Mode 2 charger is supplied with your MG ZS EV, this is a unit that can be fitted in to a standard 10amp 3-pin will plug - like those you would usually have at home or at the office.

Charging with a mode 2 charger can take around 18 hours to reach 80% from an empty charge.

For greater convenience charging with a professionally installed mode 3 home charger rated at 7.2kW should take around 7 hours to a full charge.

- Mode 3 Wallbox Home Charging:

We understand that many EV owners will have different living situations, so we have teamed up with the e-Mobility team at TransNet in order to ensure we have your charging needs met.

For the best EV charging function and experience, we recommend you use the popular Wallbox Pulsar range with your MG ZS EV.

Packed full of technology & power, this charging unit will integrate with the MyWallbox app, allowing you to monitor and manage charging status, set charging schedules to make the most of off peak electricity rates and control access to your charger.

The Pulsar range offers a 7.2kW charging rate and comes standard with 5 metre tethered cable.

We recommend installing your home charger prior to taking delivery of your car. Your authorised MG dealer can help sort your charger and work with TransNet to sort your installation.

- How long does it take to charge?

When using a Mode 2 charger it could take up to 25 hours for a full charge.

When using a Mode 3 home charger it should take up to around 7 hours depending on your unit.

There are also fast charge stations in NZ such as ChargeNet stations that will charge to 80% in around 40 minutes.

- Does the ZS EV come with a charger?

Yes the ZS EV comes with a Mode 2 charger. Please see Mode 2 Charging for more info.

- What do I need to do to charge at home?

Although you can charge your ZS EV using the Mode 2 charger that comes with the vehicle, a full charge could take up to 25 hours from 0%. 

For greater convenience we recommend installing a WallBox home charger. To see more on the WallBox please visit

Your local MG dealership will be able to assist you with more info or installation of a WallBox.

- Where can I find public charging stations?

There are many free apps that can make it easy to find charging stations out and about.

MG NZ have partnered with ChargeNet, you can view their map here

- How do I charge my ZS EV?

Driving and charging an EV is a bit like owning a mobile phone, you use it during the day and then plug it in to charge when you aren't using it.

To access the charging port you will need to open the front EV flap. To do so, push the MG badge in gently, the flap will then pop out and will be able to be lifted up.

Please remove the rubber plugs from the charging port and insert your charging cable.

Follow instructions on the charger to start charging your ZS EV.

For more info, please refer to the Owners Handbook that you can find in your ZS EV glovebox.

Once you are finished, if you are unable to remove the charging plug from your EV you may need to unlock the vehicle.


- What battery does the ZS EV have?

The EV battery is a 44.5kWh liquid-cooled lithium ion battery

- What is the battery warranty?

The ZS EV has an 8 year / 160,000km BEV battery warranty. It also has a 5 year / Unlimited Km Vehicle Warranty, plus 5 years roadside assistance.

Got a question that we haven't covered? Please get in touch with the MG team.